Emergency medical alert system, peace of mind for you and your family

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Do you have medical conditions, allergies, and/or take drugs that may interfere with emergency treatment or surgery?

Do you worry about what would happen if you or a family member were unconscious and unable to discuss treatment options?

Do you want to protect you and your family from unwanted medical procedures in case of an emergency or accident?

My Medical Choice is a private members association that provides legal protection and medical treatment options for when you need them most. My Medical Choice offers members a physical and online medical alert system that combines:

  • Medical jewellery and a wallet-size Advance Decision Notice to alert first responders to look for your care instructions
  • A hospital-to-Medical Guardian SMS notification service
  • A personal medical profile page on our secure database for emergency services access
  • The Safe Blood protection system that allows you to manage or refuse procedures involving blood components and transfusions
  • A Lasting Power of Attorney document that nominates a Medical Guardian to oversee your care.

My Medical Choice – don’t leave your safety to chance. See FAQ for more information or sign up now to protect you and your loved ones today.

How the Safe Blood medical alert system works in an emergency

In an emergency

If the patient is unconscious or unable to communicate, the first responder or NHS staff in A&E will look for a medical alert bracelet, pendant, or wallet card.

Medical profile

Paramedics and A&E staff use the details on the medical alert jewelry or wallet card to access your online personal health profile for vital information regarding your treatment.

Legal Documents

A&E staff can read the full directives for your care and any exclusion in place, as well as your medications and allergies, which speeds up treatment time. When the NHS logs into your profile page, an SMS alert is sent to you Medical Guardian to contact the hospital.

Peace of mind

You and your loved ones can relax knowing you will only receive the treatment you have agreed to on your personal health profile and in your legal documents. Access to your health data also means the risk of medical mistakes has been reduced.

Medical Guardian

Access to your personal health profile by NHS staff buys you time and protects your wishes until your Medical Guardian arrives and can legally oversee your treatment in line with your directions in the Lasting Power of Attorney.

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